Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Charlotte, NC, is a region with a combination of an old fashioned charm from the south and the high-energy cosmopolitan bustle from the north. This metro area is on the rise; it has its own unique culture, culinary sophistication, and an exceptional feeling that makes it enticing for people not only from the country but from people all over the world. If you visit Charlotte, you’ll see that it’s getting filled with new events and restaurants that attract people. Charlotte has evolved and has transformed into a different metro area. You can see it from the cranes being constructed across the skyline, plus the manageable prices of homes and living expenses.

Pregnancy Resource Center of Charlotte has been in operation for 34 years now. For the past years up to the present, PRC Charlotte has been providing compassionate support to pregnant women. In fact, the medical team has served more than 80 000 women and families in the metro area, especially those women whose lives have been affected by the unplanned pregnancy. The center is a popular non-profit medical clinic that provides medical services and emotional support. It is committed to serving anyone, whatever is the race, age, income, religious affiliation, nationality, disability, and other arbitrary circumstances. Clients are always treated with compassion, kindness, and care. They receive only accurate information and honest answers from the medical team. Everything you need to undergo at Pregnancy Resource Center, including the services being offered are free of charge.

Neighborhood Weather Alert: Chances for severe storms, torrential rain Wednesday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Blue skies and sunshine took over, Tuesday, but severe weather could be headed to the Charlotte area on Wednesday. Read more here.

I’ve watched the tornado and thunderstorm warnings issued across Carolina on Saturday late night. These warnings were issued for Mecklenburg, Union, and York County in the upstate South Carolina. The National Weather Service also issued warnings to the Piedmont of North Carolina. Based on the forecast, a severe thunderstorm is capable of producing a tornado located 4 miles southwest York or just near the Sharon and moves to the east at 40 mph. Because of this warning, anybody who’s experiencing a damaging wind, hail, or flood should report to the National Weather Service Greenville Spartanburg by simply calling toll free 1-800-267-8101. Fox 46 Charlotte always gives the complete updates. You can watch the news live.

Carowinds in Charlotte, NC

Carowinds in Charlotte, NC, is a park that brings fun to kids and adults alike. You can teach and learn and play in the activities, including virtual rides, recipes, and more. For more than 45 years now, Carowinds continuously brings a smile to the faces of many people, both locals, and tourists. There are world-class rides that will make you scream out loud, such as the rollercoaster and the kids' area. More than 60 rides, attractions, and shows are available. The Camp Snoopy will bring fun to the entire family. You never want to miss what everybody is saying about the Carowinds in Charlotte.

Pregnancy Resource Center of Charlotte is a trusted non-profit medical clinic that provides medical services, emotional support, and accurate information to pregnant women. This center has been providing compassionate support and service to women. It has been around and in operation for 34 years now. Many women and families have already provided services to more than 80 000 families who were affected by an unplanned pregnancy. It also renders services to anyone regardless of age, income, race, religion, nationality, disability, affiliation, and other arbitrary circumstances. Each member of the team deals fairly with all people, and they treat them with kindness, care, and compassion. They offer services at no charge to their clients.

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Days Inn by Wyndham Charlotte/Woodlawn Near Carowinds
118 E Woodlawn Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217

Get on I-77 N/US-21 N from W Woodlawn Rd and S Tryon St
3 min (0.8 mi)
Continue on I-77 N/US-21 N. Take I-277 N/US-74 E to NC-16 S/E 3rd St. Take exit 2A from I-277 N/US-74 E
6 min (5.3 mi)
Continue on NC-16 S/E 3rd St to your destination
2 min (0.5 mi)

Charlotte Women's Clinic
1505 E 4th St Charlotte, NC 28204